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Hi friends!

I have two BFFs, Kyra and Perri, who are crazy about manatees. Perri wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up so she can work with them. And Kyra is trying to save the manatees right now. She recently sent my mom and me this email:

I’m emailing you about helping to save manatees. They are on the endangered species list and many people are still opening boat marinas where they live. Manatees are my favorite animals and I would be really glad if you looked into this.

She went on to tell us that a big marina is being developed in one of the most important refuges for manatees on Florida’s coast. If the marina is built, it would mean an increased risk of being injured by a boat for slow-moving manatees.

If you’re interested in helping these animals or learning more about them, visit From this site, you can send letters to important policy makers supporting manatee protection. You can also adopt a manatee for $25 (for $35 you get a stuffed toy, too). The great thing about adopting a manatee is that you can actually go visit it when you’re in Florida!

Thanks, Kyra, for spreading the word! Saving manatees is a great way to help our planet and support endangered animals.

Your friend,

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