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Hi friends!


I’m so happy that it’s summer again. If you want to do something this year that’s fun and can help others, here are some ideas:

Organic fruit stand

Shop at a local farm for fresh fruits and veggies with your parents. You can then sell the produce and donate the money to a charity—you’re helping the farmer by buying more and helping the charity you chose.

Pet stop

We’re not the only ones who get hot in the summer. Sell a bowl of water or treats to people walking their dogs, then donate the money to your local animal shelter, ASPCA, or Best Friends. Stop by the organization before you start and ask for photos of the pets available for adoption. Put them around your stand and you may just help some furry friends find homes.

Muscular dystrophy carnival

Run a carnival this summer with your friends and donate the proceeds to help kids with muscular dystrophy. Visit for ideas on how to do it.

Your friend,

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