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Angelic ChocolateEvery afternoon at 3:00 on the dot, I have a battle with myself. I think of it as “Sane Self vs. Snack Time Self.” It doesn’t matter if I’ve had a lunch big enough for a family of four and am therefore not the slightest bit hungry. And it doesn’t matter if I’ve already spent the day indulging my insistent sweet tooth. Nope. Once 3:00 hits, I WANT SOMETHING SWEET. No exceptions.

3:00 pm on any given day:

Sane Self: Snap out of it! Remember the 12-inch veggie and cheese sub you ate half an hour ago—there is no possible way you’re hungry!

Snack Time Self: But that sub wasn’t exactly sweet, now was it? You need something seriously sweet.

Sane Self: You have a cupcake waiting for you at home; only a couple hours from now you’ll be sitting down with forkfuls of frosting. Get ahold of yourself!

Snack Time Self: But that’s hours away…you need something now. Something chocolaty!

Sane Self: Great, now you’ve brought up chocolate—that’s fighting dirty. Okay fine, we’re going to have to be logical about this. Number 1: Sure, you can march downstairs and buy a candy bar from the convenience store, but chances are, it won’t be fair trade chocolate—you won’t exactly enjoy that mouthful of guilt!

Snack Time Self: Mmm, a whole mouthful of chocolate. Remember when you fit two jumbo-sized peanut butter cups in your mouth at the same time—that was awesome!

Sane Self: Number 2: And that convenient chocolate downstairs won’t be organic, now will it? Remember where you work!

Snack Time Self: But you’ve been working so hard today…a little chocolaty goodness won’t hurt anyone…

Sane Self: Ahem. Are you not a former vegan and current vegetarian? Think of the cows! Don’t make me moo at you!

Snack Time Self: Let’s go downstairs just to stretch our legs. And maybe, just while we happen to be down there, we could stop at the store—

Sane Self: MOO!!

It’s not a pretty sight, clearly. What goes on in my tiny little brain every 3:00 is something no one should have to listen to, myself included. Which is why I have fantastic news: I’ve found a solution for silencing the mooing brain clutter! It’s a miracle really, angelicalmost.

Introducing Angell organic candy bars. I’ll admit that when samples arrived at our office, I was skeptical. Not only must a bar meet the demands of Sane Self vs. Snack Time Self, but I’ve been burned by samples before (I still shudder at the chocolate cookie that was like biting into a decidedly unappealing piece of chalk, and don’t even get me started on the kale + chocolate combo—oh, the horror!). But never one to back down from a challenge, I gave this chocolate a look:

  • USDA organic
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • No GMOs

Plus, the company is a member of 1% For The Planet, a group of companies who acknowledge that businesses inevitably have some kind of negative effect on the environment, and they therefore donate 1 percent of their gross sales to help mitigate those consequences.

Sounds promising, but what about the taste? First, I sampled a Snow Angell, a white chocolate bar with a coconut center. Then I had KIWI’s Editorial Director Sarah Smith eat an Angell Crisp, a milk chocolate bar with a crispy creamy center. And finally, always willing to go that extra mile for editorial purposes, I downed a Dark Angell, a dark chocolate bar with a cocoa and almond center. The resounding verdict: Absolutely delicious. And absolutely guilt free (They’re all under 200 calories, too! Well, not if you eat a couple of them. Ahem.), or at least there’s no need to moo at yourself. To learn more, head to

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