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Food apps for familiesThese great food apps will keep you shopping and eating healthy:

Shop Smart

Take control of your shopping with Fooducate and ShopNoGMO. With Fooducate, you can scan (or type in) a barcode to get a quick nutritional analysis–and a helpful letter grade for the item. Swap that sugary D+ cereal for something designed to get an A. ShopNoGMO is a helpful on-the-go resource for learning what to watch out for in every supermarket aisle. Still shopping for cereal? Learn about the potential GMOs in cereal in general, and find out which brands are certified by the Non-GMO Project. Do the same for more than a dozen categories of food. For lots more info on GMOs, check out our special report in the April/May issue.

Eat Well

For easy, delicious recipes using products you love, check out the free recipe apps from Eden Foods and Simply Organic. Both offer dozens of meal (and snack) ideas that are expert-tested. Plus, I’m a fan of iSpice, a completely one-stop guide to anything you could want to know about spices, from one of KIWI’s favorite recipe developers, Monica Bhide.

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