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Picky eaters, begone!

How can I get my kids to try new foods?


Food adventurer

Turn your child into a superhero (it’s better if you say FOOOODDDD ADVENTUREEEERRRR! in a superhero voice) by having her don special goggles, a cape, or whatever will lighten the mood as she takes her first bite of an unfamiliar dish. Kids are more apt to try a new food if they’re happy and relaxed.

The reviews are in

Turn your dinner table into a talk show, with your child as the guest commentator. Hold up a pretend microphone and interview him: What does this new food look and smell like? What does it taste like? Does he give it a thumbs-up? A thumbs-down? A thumb to the side? Keep a chart with stickers to show how each new food was reviewed on each “episode” of your show.

Your lucky day

Bring one die to the table. Each person takes a turn rolling it: Whatever he rolls determines how many bites of the new food he has to try. Even if your child rolls a one, that’s okay: Try the food again tomorrow and hope for a six! The more times he tastes a food, the more his palate will get used to it—and start to like it.

Traci Paige Johnson, the “Improv Mom,” is the co-creator, executive producer, and design director for Blue’s Clues, and the voice of Blue’s bark. She’s also the co-creator and creative director for Super WHY! Traci lives in New York City with her husband and three sons.

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