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Carbon OffsetsConcerned about the eco footprint of your family’s vacation? Consider buying carbon offsets, essentially gift certificates for the earth. The money you spend will balance the greenhouse gas emissions of, say, your train ride, by funding initiatives that reduce the effect on the planet, such as renewable-energy and reforestation projects. Here’s how affordable it can be, from

Reprinted from KIWI Magazine

Mode of transportation Airplane Bus Train Car (2005 Toyota Prius)*
Number of people 4 5 3 any
From New York City Atlanta Portland, Oregon Williamsburg, Virginia
To Los Angeles Panama City Beach, Florida San Francisco Knoxville
Miles 4,968 655 1,401 1,069
Tons CO2 3.58 0.27 0.80 0.16
Cost $35.77 $2.68 $8.01 $1.62
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