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Green, safe toysOne of my favorite tips from last week’s KIWI College webinar with Paige Wolf (author of Spit That Out!) was when she said that while she’d love to buy only wooden toys, that’s just not practical for her. So instead, she tries to avoid colorful plastic toys when it comes to things that kids will put in their mouths. That’s a great goal, not only to limit kids’ exposure to plastic, but to avoid artificial colors! We think about them in food, but not always in the other things kids put in their mouths.

It reminded me of a product we learned about recently here at KIWI: Hevea bath toys. These rubber bath toys have a cool translucent color, because they’re totally dye-free. So, wood is not your only source of dye-free baby products. (Another great option? The water-based dyes used by Plan Toys on their cute wooden toys.)

What are your favorite eco toys?


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