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A Truly Green Lawn

Secretly engaged in a neighborhood Battle of the Lawns? You can keep your family’s outdoor play space chemical-free and still keep up with the Joneses, says Gillian Christie, former host of the green radio talk show Garden Gossip. Here’s how:

Give it a push

Gas lawn mowers can emit 12 times more exhaust per hour than a car—eek! Two cleaner options: An old-fashioned push mower or an electric mower.

Let it grow

Reduce the amount of water it takes to keep your lawn green and healthy by leaving grass about three inches high. The taller blades will provide shade for the soil and prevent it from drying out.

Bug off

Cayenne is a natural pest repellant. Keep bugs and rodents at bay by lightly dusting your grass with the hot stuff. (Don’t worry—it won’t hurt your feet!).

Reprinted from KIWI Magazine


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