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Welcome, baby!

How can I help my older child get used to having a new little one in the house?

Golden helper

Give your older child a fancy job title, so he feels like an important part of the baby’s life. He can be the Golden Helper, the #1 Baby Assistant, or even the Chief Sibling Officer. Make him a badge and give him a few age-appropriate tasks that will be his special responsibility. He might be able to remind guests to wash their hands, bring a fresh diaper to you, or help burp the baby.

Lights, Camera, Action

Have the new big sib star in a “Welcome Home” movie. She can give the new baby a tour of the house, introduce people, pets, and stuffed animals, and show off the fun things they’ll do together someday. Your new baby may not see it for awhile, but you and your older child will love watching it until then.

Tune in

Let the big sibling make up or pick the signature lullaby that you’ll always sing to the baby at bedtime. Help him remember some of his old lullabies by singing them together—or just let him pick his current favorite, even if it’s the theme from a TV show. If you hum it slowly, it’ll still work as a lullaby!

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