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If you’re thinking of giving up the breakfast buffet for a volunteer vacation with your family, check out these kid-friendly organizations:

CHOICE Humanitarian
This group, focused on ending poverty, leads expeditions to Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico, Kenya, and Nepal. Past projects have included building water systems and schools.

Cross-Cultural Solutions
A placement organization, Cross-Cultural Solutions will help match your family with the right trip in one of 12 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

If you want to help the planet, this is the group for you. Volunteers work with scientists on environmental problems (climate change, ocean health, threatened animals) in places as varied as Madagascar, Australia, and France.

Global Citizens
Past projects have included tree planting , building , and teaching in developing communities in India, Tanzania, and even the United States. More than half of Global Citizens’ volunteers travel as a family.

Globe Aware
The one-week volunteer vacations in Peru, Thailand, Cuba, Laos, and 11 other countries have no age restrictions. Kids as young as 2 have taken Globe Aware trips and helped with planting, building, and more.

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