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The Best Natural and Organic Kids’ Foods (2011)

For our fourth annual food awards, we wanted to know your family’s top choices in three of the major food groups: grains, dairy, and fruits and veggies. But we just couldn’t leave out snacks—they may not be in the food pyramid, but they’re in our cupboards! Plus, we made sure to include a category for vegetarians and vegans. The organic and natural picks in all of these categories are ones kids love and parents can feel good about.


Whether the option is wheat or glutenfree, families love their whole grains in sandwiches, noodle dishes, and more.

Trader Joe's Wheat Pasta

Wheat Pasta

#1 Trader Joe’s

Additional Winners:

Annie's Homegrown Gluten-Free Pasta

Gluten-free pasta

#1 Annie’s Homegrown

Additional Winners:

Kashi Cereal


#1 Kashi

Additional Winners:


It’s one of the best sources of bone-building calcium for kids (and bone-strengthening calcium for adults!), and voters raved about these picks.

Yo Kids

Kid’s Yogurt

#1 YoKids

Additional Winners:

Kraft String Cheese

String Cheese

#1 Kraft

Additional Winners:

Fruits and Vegetables

In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, KIWI readers shop for juice and frozen (still nutritious!) foods. These choices prove that fruits and veggies are winners in any form.

Cascadian Farm Frozen Vegetables

Frozen Vegetables

#1 Cascadian Farm

Additional Winners:

Apple & Eve Juice Boxes

Fruit Juice Boxes or Pouches

#1 Apple & Eve

Additional Winners:


Whether sweet, salty, fruity, or allergy-friendly, snacks are fun—and they don’t have to be full of artificial ingredients.

Vegan and Veggie

This was the first year voters were given the opportunity to share their favorite vegetarian- and vegan-friendly foods. Even meat-eaters will approve of these!

Rice Dream

Nondairy Ice Cream

#1 Rice Dream

Additional Winners:

Morning Star Farms Veggie Burger

Veggie Burgers

#1 Morning Star Farms

Additional Winners:

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