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Our animal-loving readers weighed in on the best natural pet food, treats, supplements, and more in the 2011 Kiwi Awards for Best Pet Products. Here are their favorites!


The meals and snacks that give pups the energy to run outside and roll in the dirt – and the bathing products that get them clean.

Dog food

#1 Purina ONE beyOnd

Additional Winners:

Dog treats

#1 Newman’s Own Organics

Additional Winners:

Dog shampoo

#1 happytails

Additional Winners:


The purr-fect picks for your feline friends? We think so!

Cat food

#1 Science Diet Nature’s Best

Additional Winners:

Cat treats

#1 Friskies Natural Sensations

Additional Winners:

Kitty Litter

#1 Arm & Hammer Essentials

Additional Winners:

Small Pets

Little animals are proof that good things can come in small sizes. Small-pet owners have spoken: These guys deserve the all-natural best, too.

Bird food

#1 Healthy Select Natural

Additional Winners:

Fish food

#1 New Life Spectrum

Additional Winner:

Cage bedding

#1 CareFRESH

Additional Winners:


Our voters agreed: A healthy pet – with good-smelling breath – is a happy pet.

Pet supplements

#1 Halo

Additional Winners:

Oral Care

#1 Wysong DentaTreat

Additional Winners:

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