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Vacations on a Mission

Vacations on a MissionIf you’re hoping your family gets more out of a summer trip than a few roller coaster rides, good news: With a volunteer vacation, you can get away and give back. Find the right fit for your family with advice from Heather Jack, founder of the organization The Volunteer Family. Ask these questions before you dive in:

Is this the right trip for us?

Some volunteer organizations are religion-based, while others are more culture-based. “Find one that matches your family’s personal interests to make the trip more meaningful for you,” Jack says. Go to for ideas.

Do they accept kids?

Many trips include work in health clinics, which typically don’t allow children. Instead, seek opportunities that let your child help other kids, like working with Orphanage Outreach, a nonprofit that provides educational opportunities for children in Latin America (

Is there a less expensive option?

Since you have to pay for airfare and lodging, volunteer trips abroad can cost $1,000 per person. A less pricey option: Volunteer for domestic organizations like Habitat for Humanity—you might even be able to drive to your destination.

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