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School Lunches

For most kids, the best time of the day is lunch. That’s when we see our friends and get to eat! But what are kids having for lunch these days? I compared notes with a couple of pals:

Mitch B.: My classmate Mitch packs his lunch and likes the same thing every day (PB&J sandwich, apple, milk, and a brownie). His mom makes sure his lunch is free of preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Sarai D.: Sarai goes to a different school in New York City, and eats the school lunch. She gives it a 9 out of 10—lucky Sarai!

Me: I like my lunch to be hot, so I bring mac’n cheese or soup in an insulated mug. I’m a vegetarian so buying my lunch is harder because there aren’t as many meat-free options.

Tips from kids for parents

  1. This may seem silly, but make sure your kids like what you pack, and that they have time to eat everything. I see lots of food that doesn’t get eaten.
  2. If your kids buy lunch, go over the menu with them so you can help them make the best choices. If you pack lunch, let your kids help shop for their food and even pack it themselves.
  3. We often trade lunch items with our friends, so make sure your kids know what they can and can’t eat from their friends’ lunches. This is another good reason to follow #1!
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