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Happy Halloween! Crafts by Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynn Colwell of Treats by Christina Stanley-Salerno. Costumes by Ellen Goldberg. Photos by Tara Donne.

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A little bit cute, a little bit creepy: These spiders are perfect for a kids’ Halloween, and they’re super-easy to make. Ask your local bike shop for old inner tubes (most should have a bunch on hand), then snip the tubes into strands: You can make some strands long and thick, and others short and thin, but stick to a minimum of six inches long. Gather together eight strands of the same width, tie them in a knot once or twice, then snip the legs so they’re even. Finally, don’t forget the googly eyes! Be sure to have everyone wash hands after making these spiders—the bicycle inner tube tires can be dirty and greasy.


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