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Liam Kivirist

It’s always a disappointment when you get a not-so-great meal at a restaurant, but it just might be worth it if the experience helps you win first place in a cooking contest. When 10-year-old Liam went out for pizza with his parents in his hometown of Browntown, Wisconsin, he was none too happy with the dessert pizza served at the restaurant. “It was overly sweet, processed, and salty. I liked the idea of a dessert pizza but knew it could taste better,” says Liam. So he decided to recreate it at home—and make it a whole lot better.

Liam’s been cooking since he was 7, and he loves turning out dishes like omelets and grilled cheese. But he keeps plenty busy when he’s not cooking, too: He loves building LEGO masterpieces and picking vegetables on his family’s farm.

Favorite food: Regular pizza, dessert pizza, grilled cheese, and bacon and eggs.

Biggest cooking disaster: “When I was 7, I first tried to cook bacon, but it didn’t turn out all right. It lit on fire!” Liam says. (though he may be exaggerating— according to his mom, the bacon only burned a little bit!)

Best cook he knows: “Jamie Oliver,” he says, definitively.

Judge Reed Alexander says…

“Pizza for dessert? Yummy and brilliant! Plus, Liam’s knowledge of the ins, outs, hows, and whys of his recipe are impressive and fun.”

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