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Road trip games

Take turns sharing a family memory—but add nutty details. You might start by remembering a great chocolate cake that Grandma made, but then say, “And then worms came out! And then they ate the frosting and got huge! And then Grandpa gave them ice cream to make them small again!” Everyone’ll join in with “memories” of the wild event. When you’re tapped out, have someone else pick a memory to embellish: “Remember when we went to the beach? And then a whale came out of the water and talked to us! And then we went for a ride on his back all the way to Australia!” The crazier, the better.

What if

Stretch your kids’ creative muscles by asking questions that spark their imagination. Who needs a movie when there’s fascinating conversation to be had? Some ideas to get you started:

  • What if you had two mouths? What would your other mouth say?
  • What if you were born old and then grew young? What’s the first thing you’d do as an adult?
  • What if we walked on our hands instead of our feet? What would our shoes look like?


Finding all the letters of the alphabet (on license plates and road signs) can get old. Instead, hunt for the letters in each family member’s name. Or, make it a competition: Everyone comes up with a five-word sentence (“I am sick of sitting!”) and whoever finds all the letters in order first, wins.

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