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Feng Shui Your Car for Happier Trails

“Are we there yet?” “I’m bored!” “She’s poking me!” Ahh, the joys of holiday road trips. While you might not have the ability to feng shui your kids, you just may be able to do so to your car, making those trips to grandma’s house more peaceful, says Andie Pearson, a certified Feng Shui Master and craniosacral therapist (this type of therapy focuses on the body’s energy). Here’s how:

Clean it out.

Dispose of any trash that’s accumulated in your car, vacuum seats and floor mats, and wipe down the windows before you hit the road. “Clutter distracts you from driving and creates a sense of chaos,” says Pearson. “Clearing out the space allows room for positive energy to take its place.”

Go with the flow.

Is the kids’ bickering reaching fever pitch? Bring a sense of peace to the car by hanging a crystal on the rearview mirror with a blue ribbon. The crystal-ribbon combo channels water energy, says Pearson, which symbolically washes away obstacles (such as shrill squabbling).

Keep up with repairs.

You wouldn’t let the toilet stay running in the bathroom, so why would you neglect fixing things in your car, asks Pearson. Stay on top of oil changes, check tire pressure frequently, and take care of damaged parts as soon as possible. Doing so eliminates worry, creating a happier atmosphere for all passengers (not to mention that it’s safer, too!).

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