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The turkey’s roasting, the potatoes are mashing, the pies are baking—but what to feed the littlest one this Thanksgiving? Now she can share in your family’s traditional holiday meal with Thanksgiving-themed baby foods. With these festive new options, your baby is bound to give thanks:

Earth’s Best’s new flavors include Sweet Potato and Squash, developed for babies 4+ months, and Apple Turkey Cranberry and Green Bean Casserole for babies 6+ months. Got an even bigger baby? The Pumpkin Apple Cranberry puree will give your 9 month-old enough zinc and vitamins A, E, and C to meet nearly half her Daily Value needs.

HAPPY BABY’S Turkey Day flavors include the Gobble Gobble Pouch (for infants 7+ months) that combines all the flavors of a loaded-up Thanksgiving plate (turkey, sweet potato, squash, and millet). For the second course (and more delicious sweet potato), the Apricot and Sweet Potato Pouch (for infants 6+ months) is a sweet treat. For dessert: the Super Orange + Pumpkin smoothie is sweet and nutritious, with a half serving of fruit plus the supergrain Salba.


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