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We’re all a little crazed during the holidays. But the non-stop celebrations (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwaanza and New Year’s!)  can be especially hectic for a new mother. She’s still settling into mommyhood, while also managing the household festivities. She deserves a break. Give her the gift of pampering (for her and her little one) with these wonderful natural beauty and baby products.


Poofy Organics Mommy & Me Basket – This adorable gift basket includes five USDA Certified Organic products both mom and baby can enjoy. Poofy’s Preventative Stretch Mark Butter and Happy Boobies Nipple Cream goes to mom, while baby gets Happy Tush diaper balm, an all-natural oil and a gentle SLS-free baby wash/shampoo. The gift comes in a wood planter that can be used for flowers or herbs later in the year. Items sold separately at $45.50. Holiday special (through December 31): $35.00


Give a mom the gift of baby soft kisses with this Lip Care Kit from Intelligent Nutrients. Three gorgeous, hydrating lip glosses and one balm packed with natural goodness such as acai oil, shea butter and rosehip oil will surely be a holiday hit. The hint of color in the glosses will work on all skin tones. Each product is petroleum free and USDA Certified Organic. And the tin makes for stylish storage after the holidays. ($65)


Bionée Ultimate New Mom Gift Set – A new mom gets the posh treatment with this set of five luxurious Ecocert Certified Organic products: Stretch Mark Lotion, Revitalizing Face Cream, Pure Hair & Body Cleansing Foam and Nipple Healing Remedy. The lovely gift box, inspired by a lotus flower, also contains packets of Watercress seeds (in blue and pink envelopes) that can be planted right on the recycled paper included. The seeds will sprout in two days. (Product value, $106; Holiday price, $92)

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