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Kids Yoga

Similar to how a Sun Salutation helps to energize you for the day, a moon salute can calm your child’s mind and get her body ready for bed, says Susie Lopez, a yoga educator and founder of the Look Up yoga series for children. “This may bring on some yawns—that means it’s working!”

1. Have your child start by standing up with her arms at her sides. Then, show her how to inhale and lift her arms overhead, and extend her right leg far to the side to relax into a deep lunge. She can support herself by placing her right elbow on her knee or on the floor behind her right knee.

2. Show her how to fan her left hand over her head, grazing her eyes with the tips of her fingers, and take five deep breaths.

3. Show her how inhale, straighten her right leg, and exhale while bringing her arms out so her body forms a star shape. Have her inhale once more to bring her arms overhead.

4. From the star position, she can exhale to stand straight with her arms at her sides to complete the sequence.

5. Repeat on the other side, with your child lunging to the left.

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