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Here are three common reasons moms might be tempted to grab an unhealthy snack—and delicious, healthy treats to have instead.

The problem: You need a jot of energy, and the drive-through looks mighty tempting.

The fix: Make a whole wheat tortilla with turkey and a smear of guacamole. The combination of complex carbs, lean protein, and healthy fat will perk you up and get you through the afternoon, says Keri Glassman, R.D., author of The O2 Diet.


The problem: Your crazy sleep schedule makes it hard to sit down for three meals a day.

The fix: Nosh on healthy foods every two to four hours. Small meals can keep your blood sugar level more stable, says Glassman. Aim for five or six small meals, or three moderate-size meals and two small snacks. That approach might work better for you than coordinating and cooking three square meals.


The problem: You have to stay hydrated to avoid an energy slump, but plain water is sooo boring.

The fix: Add flavor with sliced citrus, fresh herbs, or a splash of fruit juice. Try sparkling water,too—it’s more of a treat!

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