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Nothing says spring like fresh, pretty flowers—and planting bulbs with your child, like calla lilies, couldn’t be simpler. Hardy and easy to grow, calla lily bulbs are on the small size, making them easy for kids to handle, says Amy Dube, a floral expert from bulb gardening foundation, Dig Drop Done. Your child can decorate her own bulb pot, then get planting!


  • Terra cotta pots, at least 4 inches wide (one per bulb)
  • Nontoxic paint, buttons, glue, rickrack, ribbon, and nontoxic glue
  • Calla lily bulbs in your child’s favorite colors (available at local gardening stores)
  • Organic potting soil

1. Help your child decorate her bulb pot with nontoxic paint, or glue on buttons, ribbon, rickrack, or other decorative items. Set aside to dry.

2. Fill the pot halfway with potting soil. Have your child place the bulb in the soil, making sure to place the flatter, more wrinkly side of the bulb facing down. Cover with about four inches of potting soil.

3. Place the potted bulbs outdoors in a spot where they’ll get lots of sun. When the bulb sprouts emerge (in about six weeks), your child can water the plant sparingly (about ¼ cup of water, once a week, says Dube). In about six more weeks, the calla lily will bloom!


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