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Hi friends!

Happy Earth Month!

Earth Day is April 22, but I’m celebrating all month long with KIWI’s Earth Month Challenges. Last week I unplugged anything I wasn’t using, and for this week’s Go Vegan challenge, my mom and I tried our best to skip any milk, cheese, or eggs. I’m a vegetarian (who lives on cheese), and she’s gluten-free, so we were both a little worried about what we could eat, but it didn’t take long for us to realize how hard it was really going to be! Our typical menu for the first day was:


Breakfast: Oatmeal (made with water) with blueberries and a spoonful of peanut butter

Lunch: Garden salad and apple slices

Dinner: Brown rice with pasta sauce and a garden salad



Breakfast: Matzo with Earth Balance Buttery Spread and blueberries

Lunch: Pasta with Earth Balance Buttery Spread and a spoonful of peanut butter

Dinner: Pasta and pasta sauce with broccoli


Later that night I wanted a snack, so my mom and I searched our whole kitchen to find something vegan. We finally decided on popcorn only to realize after we’d eaten it that it was “buttered”. We couldn’t believe we’d missed that!

So, we went for a second day, but then had to call it quits. We realized that in order to be vegan, you have to be better prepared than we were. You have to read every label (since there are lots of hidden ingredients) and make sure your kitchen is stocked up with plenty of dairy-free foods beforehand. We’re definitely going to try it on our own again—now that we know so much more about going vegan, trying it a second time should be a lot easier!

Your friend,

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