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Spring means it’s time for our feathered friends to return to their summer homes. Welcome them back with tips from Sally Roth, author of The Backyard Bid-Lover’s Ultimate How-To Guide.

Use a birdbath. Fresh water can be even more of an attraction that the best-stocked feeder. Any type of birdbath will do, as long as it’s kept clean and full of fresh water.

Offer seeds. No need to buy a pricey specialty mix; millet and sunflower seeds do the trick.

Make food visible. Place birdseed in a large, open tray that’s easy for birds flying overhead to see. Once a few birds stop by to snack, more will take note and flock to the food.

Make them a home of their own. Click here for easy instructions on how to turn an empty milk carton into a birdhouse, complete with a roof of seeds!

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