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With a whopping 26 sport categories ranging from archery to BMX biking to table tennis, the 2012 Olympics are sure to have something to keep every member of your family cheering around the TV set. But instead of just watching our favorite events when the London games kick off on July 27, we say bring the festivities to life with your own family or neighborhood Olympics. Here, our favorite races, relays, and games to host your own eco-friendly event right at home.

Race to recycle Who can sort recyclables into the right categories the fastest? Place mixed plastic, aluminum, glass, and paper goods in bins or laundry baskets, setting up one bin per child. Have each kid sort his bin of recyclables into individual piles, wearing rubber gloves if the recyclables are dirty. Whoever finishes sorting first is the winner!

Tree-lay hop In a park or backyard with several trees, choose five trees that are far apart from each other and label them 1 through 5. (Write each number on a sheet of paper and tape the numbers on orange cones with duct tape, or duct tape the numbers directly on each tree). Have kids start at tree 1, then hop to each tree and tag it. Whoever gets to tree 5 first wins! Older kids can try hopping on just one foot.

Soccer ball juggle This one’s tough—but is guaranteed to lead to laughs! Have everyone stand in a circle, close enough so you’d be able to hold hands. Gently toss a soccer ball up, then bounce it once with your knee, sending it in the direction of the kid to your right. See if she can bounce the ball on her knee twice before passing it to the person on her right to bounce three times, and so on. Whenever someone drops the ball, they’re out. The last person left juggling wins!

Beanbag javelin Make your own beanbags by filling old socks with dried beans, tightly tying off the tops of the socks with twine. Outside, place several large boxes or hula hoops at varying distances (put a few heavy rocks in the boxes if it’s breezy outside). Whoever lands the most beanbags in the target boxes or hoops wins!

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