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For three years now, Aviva Goldfarb, founder of the online menu-planning system The Six O’Clock Scramble, has been a judge for KIWI’s Next Great Young Chef contest. She’s seen lots of entries and knows what makes a presentation (and recipe, of course!) stand out from the rest. So, KIWI kids, before you head into the kitchen, check out Goldfarb’s top tips for putting together a great entry:

  1. Have a plan
    “Map out what you are going to do in your video and practice several times,” says Goldfarb. This also gives you a chance to get used to handling kitchen equipment, like mixers or blenders. Last year’s second place winner, Clara Gillespie, blended her Lemon-Pineapple Blueberry Smoothie like a pro!
  2. Use cue cards
    News anchors and comedians use this trick to remember their lines: Write exactly what you want to say—the recipe and the steps, for instance—on a piece of poster board or a sheet of paper. Then, place it off-camera (or have someone hold it for you!)—just make sure it’s close enough so that you can still read it.
  3. Keep your space neat
    Clear off all the stuff around your workspace so that the area where you’re cooking looks clean. And make sure to have all the ingredients and tools you need within reach.
  4. Connect with the audience
    Get your audience involved: Talk to the camera about what you’re doing while you’re doing it! Liam Kivirist, last year’s first place winner, did a great job explaining each step while he put together his yummy Dessert Pizza.
  5. Talk about what makes the recipe personal to you
    Jonathon Chatman, the 2011 Grand Prize winner, introduced us to Groovy Grandma Corn Pudding, an updated version of a dish made by his grandmother. He explained in his video, “The reason why I call it that is because my grandma is the grooviest grandma you will ever meet!”
  6. Smile more than you thought you ever could
    “It really comes through and makes you seem approachable,” says Goldfarb. “When you don’t smile on TV or on camera, it looks like we are frowning even when we aren’t!”
  7. Ready to enter your recipe in the contest? Click here for the entry form.

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