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  • Acacia

    “Acacia became the fourth member of our family at the end of 2011. Between her and her 3-year-old big sister, Zinnia, we have put a lot of effort into reducing our family’s environmental footprint. We cut up old tee-shirts to use in place of paper towels, and we even found a great recipe for making our own baby wipes! The nursery was furnished through used furniture, and toys are usually yard-sale scores. We shop at consignment shops for clothing, or acquire hand-me-downs from friends with items their children have outgrown. As vegetarians, we have chosen to raise the girls the same way, and are teaching them about the importance of organic, whole foods through our local farmshare. Because Acacia is too young to understand our earth-friendly choices just yet, we have focused on fostering her appreciation for the Earth and the natural world by taking daily walks and exploring the wonders of the backyard. She is an adventurous, fearless little soul, and we don’t doubt that she’ll soon be impossible to get inside at dinnertime!”

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