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  • Augie

    “My name is Augie and I love to play outside. My parents have a big backyard with a sandbox for me and I like to get out in the mountains. I have gone skiing, biking, hiking, climbing and I love playing at the beach. I like rain, snow, and waves and my favorite word is water which I pronounce “ahwah”! I get most of my clothes either hand-me-down, or at the thrift store. At my baby shower, my mom stated that hand-me-downs gifts were more welcome in-lieu of new items. I wore cloth diapers most of my first year. These and all my dirty clothes are washed by my parent’s solar hot water system that heats our domestic water and our in-floor heating system in our house. I drink a lot of organic milk and love eggs scrambled with herbs from my parent’s garden. I also really like apples and have fun picking them from our apple tree. I also like to help around the house. I like pushing the laundry basket when my mom hangs out the laundry, and I have my own water bucket that I use to help daddy water the plants.”

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