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Pamper Your Pet—And Keep Him Safe

Summer is such a fun time—for us and our pets! Here’s what to remember when you’re outside together:

Watch for ticks: If you feel an unusual bump on your pet, tell your parents. It could be a tick, an insect that could make your pet sick. Don’t try to pick it off: There’s a proper way to remove ticks that your parents or vet will know.

Walk safely: It’s great to walk your dog in the grass so his paws don’t get burned by the hot pavement, but watch for little fl ags that mean a lawn has been fertilized—it might have some dangerous chemicals on it.

Rub-a-dub: It’s fun to wash your dog outdoors—and if you’re like my dog Snowball and me, you’ll both get good and wet! I’m giving away some SPA by Tropiclean products to help you clean up your dog naturally. Have your mom or dad enter here. Good luck and have fun!

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