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Battle the Bugs, Naturally

Kids with cabin fever aren’t the only ones who love the warmer temperatures—so do pesky insects. Fortunately, a combination of home remedies and new products can make the battle of the bugs easier and safer.

Steer clear of bug bites

A few spritzes of Cutter Natural Insect Repellent banishes bugs with geranium oil, a natural alternative to DEET. ($5 for 6 ounces,

Stop a trail of ants

Citrus is a natural repellent that masks an ant’s scent trail—keeping him and his ant friends from finding their way to and from your kitchen, says Danny Ledoux, author of Pest Control Simplified for Everyone. If you see an ant on your counter, rub the surface with lemon water as often as needed to keep the critters at bay.

Nix pests from your garden

Neem, a vegetable oil made from Indian Neem tree seeds, repels plant-munching bugs naturally. Mix Organix South Neem Oil for the Garden with water, and spray on fruits, veggies, flowers, and shrubs. ($22 for 16 ounces,

Banish fruit flies

Drop a piece of overripe fruit in a jar, and stick a paper funnel in the top. “Bugs will fly through the funnel to get to the fruit, but they rarely find their way back out due to their poor vision,” Ledoux says.


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