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The debate over whether schools should be allowed to hold bake sales or serve unhealthy treats as rewards or during class parties continues: In May, Massachusetts tried to ban sweets in schools, only to have the governor amend the measure after public outcry. What’s the right course? Read what two experts have to say here, then weigh in with your thoughts.

Treats can be okay.
As long as we offer delicious items that contain some nutrition and reinforce the messages of moderation and exercise, there is no reason that our kids can’t enjoy occasional sweets. The trick is to be creative and serve food that looks attractive and is as tasty as it is good for you, like lower-sugar carrot cake cupcakes made with whole wheat flour and cream cheese frosting. –Tanya Wenman Steel, co-author of Real Food for Healthy Kids: 200+ Easy, Wholesome Recipes

Treats in school? No way!
Healthful, nutritious school meals shouldn’t have to compete with foods and drinks that have little or no nutritional value, like candy, soda, and fruit-flavored beverages. There’s a place in the diet for treats, but it’s far less often than most kids eat them now–and sugary foods don’t need to be served in school. –Keith-Thomas Ayoob, R.D., professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics

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