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Make over your kid’s lunch box!

Want to pack a healthy lunch that won’t get traded away? You can with these four easy swaps:

  • Drop: Sugary Juice
    Swap: Zevia
    Because: Fruit is naturally full of sugar—but when you take away the fiber from the whole fruit, you’re left with sugary calories (and none of the nutrition). Instead of the 27 grams of sugar you might find in a cup of apple juice (the same as in a can of regular soda!), pack a can of no-calorie Zevia, sweetened with the all natural sweetener stevia (that means NO grams of sugar!).
  • Drop: PB&J on white bread
    Swap: Sunflower seed butter and apple slices on whole wheat
    Because: Now your child can sit with anybody in his class, even the kids who have food allergies. Sunflower seed butter looks and spreads just like peanut butter, and gives kids that familiar flavor they love. Best of all, apple slices have no added sugar (unlike most store-bought jelly)—and their crunch makes the sandwich extra fun.
  • Drop: Package of cookies
    Swap: Medjool dates
    Because: Sometimes called nature’s candy, chewy medjool dates are a sweet, satisfying alternative to packaged treats—you know, the kind that are usually loaded with added sugar. Dates do have sugar, but it’s the naturally occurring kind that’s healthy in moderation—and the dried fruit’s fiber works to slow the sugar’s absorption into your child’s bloodstream.

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