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A great way to help kids appreciate the outdoors while the weather’s still warm (and have some fun at the same time): a photo scavenger hunt. Here’s how your pint-size photographer can use a kid-friendly camera, your old point-and-shoot (or your smart phone!) to capture the beauty of the world around him:

Pick a color Highlight the orange sunsets and green grass of summer with a color-themed adventure. Challenge kids to snap shots of one shade, the colors of the rainbow, or no color at all, recommends Debi Huang, a mom of two from Los Angeles, who blogs at

Look for letters Go on a photo walk and encourage your child to find and photograph all the letters in his name, suggest Rachel Devine and Peta Mazey, photographers and authors of Beyond Snapshots. Maybe it’s a brance in the shape of a “J,” or a rock that looks like an “O.” If your little one is learning to count, switch to numbers. He can photograph two trees, or three flowers. Then, you can create a book that you can read together, recommends Huang.

Choose a new view With your child, come up with a list of five or six scenes or objects (your backyard, the dog) to shoot. You can each take a photo of the object–but don’t show each other yet! Once you’re done, look at them on the computer together and talk about why you chose to shoot that subject in that way, say Devine and Mazey.

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