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Bugle mom Play boot camp at wake-up time by trumpeting morning taps (all you need is an imaginary bugle, your mouth, and no inhibitions) and belting out commands. As their sergeant–a firm but kind one, of course–give your kids a series of orders: “Sit up, Private! Rub your eyes! AttenTION: Swing your legs over the side of the bed!” You might even be able to get in a few calisthenics before you march everyone to the kitchen for breakfast.

You can do it! Write a daily note of encouragement for your child. It can be specific, like, “Good luck on your test” or just a general “I love you,” and hide it in a different place every morning. When you wake your child up, give him a hint about where you hid it (“Where we were sitting when you told that funny joke yesterday”). The combination scavenger hunt/positive message will have him off like a shot: Notes of encouragement are like vitamins for a child’s soul.

Point taken For every time your child is dressed and ready to go to school on time, reward her with a “weekend point.” Each point can be worth a designated amount of time, like five minutes, that she can stay up late on the weekend. Points can also go toward video game time, special outings, or, for older kids, long-term goals like getting ears pierced or a Facebook account.

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