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Election Day 2012 is coming up fast, and California voters will soon be deciding on Proposition 37—an initiative that, if passed, would make labeling genetically engineered foods mandatory throughout the state and make California the first state to do so.

Here’s what that means: Foods would have labels on them that say, for example,  “genetically engineered” or “partially produced with genetic engineering” or would have to be put in labeled containers at the supermarket, according to the California Official Voter Information Guide on the measure, which gives a breakdown of the initiative as well as its entire text. Plus, foods with genetically engineered (GE) ingredients couldn’t be marked as “natural.” There are some exceptions: certified organic foods, items like alcohol, and cases where it wasn’t known that GE ingredients were in the food, among others, wouldn’t have to carry a label, according to the guide.

Click here to read up on what those for and against the initiative have to say—and here you can find basic info on the financial impact.

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Support the proposition: California residents, visit If you’re not in California, you can still make your voice heard by signing the petition at




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