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Second Prize Winner: $150

Natalie Baker

“As a family, we try to be green. I was interested in using cloth diapers with my daughter–and we happened to be the first customer at the only cloth diaper service in my state! It is wonderful to be able to use cloth instead of throwing away diapers. We get lots of hand-me-down clothes. Kids grow out of clothes so fast that it is so much easier to get recycled clothing. We’ve been doing this with toys, too. I get toys from friends whose children have outgrown them, and buy a lot at consignment shops. I am still breastfeeding Natalie and I also make her meals from mostly organic foods–so that I know what is in her food. I have always composted and use it in my garden where we grow our vegetables. We recycle everything we can. These things have made a difference and will be great values to teach my daughter to practice in the future.”

Cara Baker, Dover, New Hampshire


Thanks to AVEENO, our 2012 America’s Cutest Green Baby Contest sponsor, for their support and for providing their full line of Baby Organic Harvest products to our winners.


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