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It’s your baby’s first holiday! Celebrate by starting one of these festive family traditions:


  1. Holiday helper: Your baby is bound to receive tons of gifts from friends and family—but where are you going to put everything? Create some space and give to less-fortunate kids by choosing two or three old items to donate. As your baby grows up, she’ll be able to pick out toys on her own each year—and learn the meaning of holiday generosity.
  2. Picture-perfect: Take a picture of your baby next to a small tree (if you don’t have one in your neighborhood, try a local park or nature trail). Each year, go to the same spot and snap a new shot to see how your little one—and the tree! —are growing together.
  3. High five: Trace your baby’s hand on a sheet of construction paper, then cut out and laminate with contact paper. Punch a small hole on the thumb and thread with ribbon. When she’s a little bigger, she’ll be able to trace, cut, and hang the current year’s ornament (alongside all the old ones) by herself.

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