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Hi friends!

Teacher Gifts For The Holiday Season

Are you wondering about what gift to get your teacher for the holidays? Here’s a great idea: a donation to a charity in his or her name. I do this every year and my teachers really love it!

I like to give to a children’s organization like World Vision, or Project Night Night, but you can pick your donation based on your teacher. For example, if your teacher loves pets, you can donate to the ASPCA or to a local animal orphanage. Or you can donate to an organization that has special meaning to you or your family like your local food bank.

To help you get started, I’ve put together a gift card template, which you can print out (here). I’ve also listed some great organizations that would really appreciate your donation.

No matter what charity you choose, it will show your teacher that you not only care about her, but about others, too!

Happy holidays!

P.S. This would make a thoughtful gift for a friend or relative too!

Your friend,

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