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SalmonBrace yourself for the new wave of planet-friendly farmed salmon. Formed by the World Wildlife Federation, the Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue recently released a set of standards aimed at nixing the negative environmental impacts of salmon farming, which produces approximately 60 percent of the world’s salmon supply (the rest are wild-caught). The standards will be overseen by the global nonprofit Aquaculture Stewardship Council. Look for responsibly-farmed certified salmon to hit stores in early 2013. Here’s how the standards will help:

  • Reduce water pollution by banning excessive use of antibiotics, anti-foulants, and pesticides.
  • Decrease spread of disease by preventing farmed fish from escaping and transferring diseases to wild salmon.
  • Improve labor conditions by protecting workers’ rights and ensuring fair compensation.

Do you think these new standards will lead to healthier fish in the sea? Let us know in the comments section, or tweet us your opinions at @KiwiMagazine. Then read more facts about salmon (here), or check out this yummy broiled salmon recipe!

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