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When I walk into KIWI magazine’s office each morning, I typically see a few computers, extra copies of our latest issue, and a handful of organic products waiting to be photographed.

But today was different.

Two feathery friends waddled under the staff’s desks, making funny noises and flapping their silky black wings. Magellanic penguins Pete and Penny were visiting New York City from the SeaWorld Orlando Park—and it’s safe to say, these flightless birds certainly captured our attention.

SeaWorld penguins visit New York CitySeaWorld Magellanic penguins, Penny and Pete.

But while these penguin “tourists” were enthralling, some of the most important information KIWI’s staff learned was about animal rescue as a whole. The SeaWorld representatives explained to us the extensive conservation work and educational programs their company has spearheaded over the years. A few interesting statistics based on these initiatives are listed below:

  • More than 18,000 animals have been rescued by SeaWorld’s animal experts.
  • The company supports more than 100 environmental organizations worldwide.
  • SeaWorld has one of the largest animal collections in the world with more than 60,000 animals, including 200 endangered, threatened, and at-risk species.
  • The website offers more than 4,000 pages of zoological, ecological, and conservation-minded resources.
  •  SeaWorld has eliminated the use of plastic bags and straws in its parks. The company has also recently launched a new line of allergy-friendly dining alternatives.

And here are a few more fun facts about Pete and Penny: These specific penguins are “animal ambassadors,” meaning they interact with guests in the parks to raise awareness about endangered species. The Magellanics are versatile birds, located in both warm and cold environments. These penguins can also swim up to 15 miles per hour to catch their prey (fish, crustaceans, krill, or squid).

SeaWorld penguins visit New York CityThe KIWI staff visit with Pete and Penny.

The penguins were very curious and inspected our entire office!

For more information about SeaWorld, animal rescue, or the company’s conservation efforts, check out the list of resources below. Then let us know how you and your family support wildlife or endangered species in your area! Tweet us at @KiwiMagazine, or leave a note in the comments section.


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