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Best Apps for Kids: Board Games Turned Digital

I have to admit that I’m suffering a bit from cabin fever this winter! So to have some fun, I pulled out my old board games, which I love playing with my friends and family. But guess what? It turns out many of my favorites are also available as apps for tablets, computers, and smartphones. Here are a few:

The Game of Life
($.99, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
One of my favorites is super-fun as an app. Six people can play together!

Hungry Hungry Hippos
(Free, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
What kid dosen’t love this game? The app is very similar to the board game, but you can also play by yourself.

Where’s Waldo? — The Fantastic Journey
($1.99, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
The hunt for Waldo goes on! This is fun for kids of all ages.

($1.99, Andriod, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
A classic that belongs in every house and on every mobile device!

($.99, iPad)
This digital word game a lot like the original.

The best part: Many apps are free. But parents should watch for the advertising that comes with free apps as well as those that connect to social media. Have you parents test out the app before you play, just to be safe!

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