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Reading is essential; writing is crucial; arithmetic—is not so important according to today’s parents.

A recent survey commissioned by PBS KIDS revealed that, when it comes to school-related skills, parents value math least of all as a predictor of achievement later in life. But research proves the opposite; math is actually a better indicator of future success than reading—and that’s why it’s necessary for parents to promote the subject at home.

As of right now, kids aren’t getting the math support they need. The U.S.A. ranks 24th out of 34 countries in the field of math achievement. Results from the survey demonstrated that parents often don’t give their kids support with mathematics, even at the earliest of ages—perhaps because 30% of parents have anxiety about supporting math learning at home.

To help combat math anxiety and boost the subject’s presence in the home, PBS has launched a campaign called “It All Adds Up,” which offers free learning resources to families. The campaign is supported by a collection of over 100 different games and apps, with the PBS Parents Play & Learn App being the most recent addition.

To encourage parents in supporting their children, PBS has also employed a team of experts called the Math Mentors. These specialists are available to help parents increase their own confidence with the subject so they can nurture their children in the field. For access to these free online resources visit

How do you nurture your kids’ love of mathematics? Would you use these resources? How do you feel about the state of math achievement in the USA? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @KiwiMagazine.



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