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Winter Sickness Woes

This winter’s been a rough one, between the blizzards and crazy temperature changes; it’s no wonder people still seem to be getting sick.

Earlier this year, Toluna Quick Survey administered a survey to over 1,100 parents on behalf of Wet Ones. It discovered that 70% of adults feared getting sick this winter, especially with the recent media coverage of the flu. The majority of the parents (61%) knew at least three people who had contracted either a cold or the flu this season—yikes!

So how do you stop the spread of germs? The survey revealed that 75% of parents think that hand washing is the best way to prevent contracting a cold. And they are right, according to Dr. Tanner, founder of Antimicrobial Test Laboratories. “Colds are most infectious during the first two to four days people are infected…regular hand washing is an effective way to ensure germ prevention and combat the spread of viruses.”

Tanner also advises that parents should try to prevent kids from touching their faces, as most cold viruses are spread through surface contact and “self-inoculation,” when hands pick up the viruses and then touch the nose or eyes.

One extra tip: The workplace and your child’s school can be especially germy—so be prepared!

For natural remedies to stay germ-free this winter, visit let us know your tips for avoiding the flu this season. What advice can you share with other green parents? Sound off in the comments section below, or tweet us at @KiwiMagazine.

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