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National Read Your Label day Do you know every ingredient in the food you buy?

Citizens for Health, a respected consumer advocacy group founded in 1992, has officially declared April 11th National “Read Your Labels Day.” The organization hopes Americans will “get the 411” on what they’re consuming—and we couldn’t agree more!

From the Citizens for Health website:

The list of ingredients is the end credits of the movie, and without it you’d have no real idea what it took to create what you’re eating. That’s why we want you to stand up to the food industry and refuse to accept deceptive marketing ploys like references to nonexistent fruit or bogus claims of “no MSG.”

How can you support this cause? Sign the petition to label high fructose corn syrup by clicking here, or share information about National Read Your Labels Day on social media using the hashtag #ReadYourLabels.

Do you read labels before you buy a product? What ingredients do you try and avoid the most? Sound off in the comments section below! And for more healthy living tips from KIWI, click here.

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