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You’re invited to our first Twitter Party! Join us to chat about raising your baby the all-natural way for a chance to win an Eco Baby Gift Box.

When: Thursday May 9, 2013 (Add this event to your calendar)
Time: 3PM Eastern Standard Time
Host: @KIWIMagazine
Special Guests: @MomsMeet @KiwiShopOnline, @DolphinOrganics, and @SproutFoods
Hashtag: #ACGB13

What’s a Twitter Party?
We’re hosting an event on Twitter in honor of KIWI’s America’s Cutest Green Baby Contest—and you’re invited! So join us on May 9th for the chance to chat about raising your baby the all-natural way.

Here’s how it works:
First, we invite you to follow @KIWImagazine on Twitter. Then, join us on our Twitter page on May 9th starting at 3PM EST, where we’ll ask 20 questions related to raising your baby the all-natural way. Each time you respond and use the hashtag #ACGB13, you’ll be entered to win an Eco Baby Gift Box worth $20 that includes Dolphin Organics shampoo and bodywash, Sprout Organic baby foods, and other natural baby products!

What does #ACGB13 mean?
We’re trying to find America’s Cutest Green Baby for 2013! After the Twitter party, send us a picture and tell us, in 200 words or less, how you’ve raised a green baby. Your child could win up to $1,500 and be featured in KIWI magazine! Click here to enter.

Pre-Tweet to win!
If you tweet this* before our #ACGB13 Twitter party, you’ll be eligible to win a Eco Baby Gift Box. So mark those calendars and tell all your tweeps about KIWI magazine’s prize-filled Twitter party!

**Tweet this before our Twitter party:
“Join @KIWIMagazine for the #ACGB13 Twitter Party on 5/09 at 3PM ET for a chance to win an Eco Baby Gift Box!”

Click here for Official Rules.

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