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Incorporating social responsibility into your classroom curriculum may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Taking a few small steps today can pave the way to a successful program in the future.

Do your research. If you are committed to bringing social responsibility into your classroom, begin by learning about what social responsibility is, what kinds of issues and organizations are in need of action, and how other schools are teaching social responsibility as part of their lessons.

Brainstorm. After you have done your research, brainstorm ideas on how to become more socially active as a class. A group brainstorming session with others who are interested in bringing social responsibility into your school may help spawn new possibilities that you may never have considered on your own.

Reach out to your school community. Share your ideas with co-workers and administrators in your school. Arrange to attend a school board meeting or a PTA meeting to bring your ideas to those influential decision makers. These people may become resources for you as your ideas continue to evolve.

Reach out to students and parents. Inform your students and their parents about your plans to bring social responsibility into the school, and invite them to share any additional ideas or resources they may have.

As you develop ways to integrate social responsibility into your school, remember that it can be a long process. You may encounter obstacles along the way, but with a positive attitude and a clear focus on your ultimate goals, you will be successful.

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