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In The Classroom


  • Run a school-wide canned foods drive, with each class working to collect as many cans as possible. The winning class can earn a free movie or playground afternoon.
  • Create a Giving Tree around the holidays. Obtain a list of local families in need and place paper “ornaments” with the names of families on the tree. Have students each pick an ornament off the tree, and help their adopted families during the holiday season.
  • Organize a World Culture Exhibit. Each class can be assigned a different country to research, and create a display table to share with other classes.
  • Set up a Kindness Box, where students can share acts of kindness or charity they performed on slips of paper. At the end of the week, read all of the slips aloud.
  • In the fall, create a drive to collect gently used winter outerwear that can be distributed to those in need when the weather starts to get cold.
  • Collect bathroom products such as toothbrushes, toilet paper and soap to give to people in your area who are in need.


  • Organize a school-wide viewing of educational documentaries relating to sweatshops or fair trade issues.
  • Create a pen pal program between students studying Spanish and students living in South America or Mexico.
  • Contact local immigrants and ask if they would be interested in speaking to students about their home country.¬†Organize a large panel for a school-wide assembly.
  • Organize video chats with students in other countries.
  • Declare a No Sweatshop Day, where students aim to only wear clothes from companies that treat workers fairly.
  • Have students collect unused school supplies at the end of the year and donate them to underprivileged children in your area.
  • Collect old cell phones and donate them to Cell Phones for Soldiers, an organization which sends them, along with calling cards, to soldiers overseas so they can call home.
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