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If your little one is looking to have their own lemonade stand this summer, they’re going to need a few things: Namely you (to help make the lemonade), a couple signs, and maybe even a coin collector!

While you’re waiting for everyone’s favorite summer drink to cool off in the fridge, entertain the kiddos with this easy, five-minute craft.

And if you want to teach your children about giving, keep Alex’s Lemonade Stand in mind as a worthy foundation to give your lemonade money to!


Old small box (we used a tea box!)
Recycled construction paper (two colors)
X-Acto Knife


Parent: Wrap the old box using the recycled construction paper like you would a present.

Child: Secure the wrapping paper with tape.

Parent: Cut a long strip of another piece of construction paper using the X-Acto knife.

Child: Wrap the strip around the box and secure it with tape.

Parent: Use the X-Acto knife once more to cut a small rectangular opening on the top of the box.

Child: Decorate the exterior of the box with markers.


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