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Action for Healthy Kids
Action for Healthy Kids, a public-private partnership of more than 70 organizations representing educators, parents, government officials and health professionals, works to support sound nutrition and good physical exercise for children across the nation.

Center for Science in the Public Interest
The Center works to educate the public, dispel false claims, and help advocate the government’s heath and environmental policies that are congruent with current scientific findings. The website has great resources on food safety and eating green.

Family Voices
Bright Futures for Families is a national initiative for families and communities that works to promote and improve health and development with a variety of materials and resources.

National Center for Safe Routes to School
This organization helps communities enable and encourage children to walk and bike to school by working with local organizations to make it safer.

The PACER Center
The PACER Center is a parent-training and information center for families of children and youth with learning, physical, emotional, mental and health disabilities. PACER offers programs that promote awareness, modern teaching methods to help facilitate communication and classes that cater to non-English speakers.

Parent Teacher Association
The PTA, an organization active on local, state and national levels, is dedicated to promoting the welfare of children and youth by creating a partnership between educators and families.

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